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  • Broughton Foods

    Broughton Foods is a leading manufacturer and provider of dairy products within Southeast Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia and West Virginia.

    Founded in 1910 in Marietta, Ohio, Broughton Dairy began as a small dairy farm selling fresh milk, cream and butter to local families and businesses from a horse and buggy. Through five generations, Broughton Dairy has prospered, always expanding our product offerings to meet the needs of our valued customers.

    Today, Broughton Foods manufactures and distributes a variety of milks, home-style and premium ice cream, ice cream novelties, juices and fruit drinks, cottage cheese, sour cream and chip-dip products.

    Our slogan says it all: Only the best, since 1910.


    Our commitment to excellence

    At Dean Foods, we aim to be the most trusted source of wholesome, delicious dairy products for every occasion. We never forget how fortunate we are to be invited into your home. And we earn our place by holding ourselves to the highest standards.

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